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We help clients solve work injury problems by fusing compassion, leadership, and legal expertise.
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Owner / Attorney
Donna Fendon
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Business Manager
Angie Hernandez
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Diana Guerrero
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Kevin Garcia
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Dana Marllette
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Legal Assistant
Lauren Campbell
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We create the best Webflow templates for creative people all around the world

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What's Inside:
  • 100% Responsive Template
  • Smooth Animations
  • Many Useful Sections
  • Friendly support

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"We create simple and powerful Webflow templates for creative people all around the world and help businesses grow."
Mark Strong
CEO of Workflow

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We measure our success by how many happy clients we have.

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Joe Watters
Oct 2020
The BEST! Fendon Injury Law is AWESOME! My father was seriously injured and Donna and her team treated him like family!
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J. Sanchez
Apr 2020
They are great. The staff is wonderful. Donna and her firm did a outstanding job for my case. Donna works really close with you on your case.
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David Altamirano
Nov 2020
Amazing compassionate Help with my work injury case Thank you! Thank you Donna  I Am Forever Grateful
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Jan 2020
Absolutely incredible service was provided to me over a period of several months.  Highly recommended Donna Fendon to anyone who needs help/assistance in navigating the extremely complex Workers Compensation System.
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